Create Teacher Account

Learn how to create a teacher account.

Find and Enroll a Course

Learn how to create a student account using your school email or personal email.

Create and Organize Folders of Quizzes and Questions for a Unit

Learn how tofolders of categories of questions for a unit.

Create An Account Manually

If you don’t like to use your Gmail or Microsoft email to create an account, you can create it directly on streamlineED.


Create Groups for Periods

Learn how to create different groups of users for students from different periods.

Enroll Your Class

Learn how to find your course and enroll with the given enrollment key.

Link to Other Resources

Learn how to integrate other online sources by creating a simple link.

Upload Quiz

Learn how to upload pre-made assessments download from our online store or created from your Examview.

Edit Quiz Setting for Normal Quiz

Learn how to edit your quiz setting, so that students are taking quiz as if they are taking a normal with countless version and auto-grading.